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Posh Trading Company
Posh Trading Company

POSH Trading Company is a British tableware brand established in 2015.

Operating from the heart of London, we are a family run business with customers worldwide. Founded by award- winning interior designer Sarah Ward and inspired by her experiences growing up in the Far East and her incredible eye for all things elegant and unusual.

As a family business, we know how important it is to have a home and space that represents you and your loved ones, which is why at POSH Trading Company, we're devoted to creating products that are bursting with personality, elegance, and style.

Sarah Ward of POSH trading company

Our ethos inspires everything we do:

"Meticulous about attention to detail, fastidious about quality."

Exclusively POSH Trading Company

We pride ourselves on creating the ultimate luxury home accessories, furniture, and gifts. We can also provide a fine selection of corporate gifting options.

With a grounding in stunning tableware, the Matbox and the Coastbox are handmade by Vietnamese artisan craftsmen using the ancient art of lacquering.

We offer the Matbox and Coastbox in a range of unique finishes, such as Silver or Gold Leaf, resulting in stunning pieces that complement contemporary and traditional decors. It's even been said that any food or drink placed on these placemats and coasters seems to taste that little bit better.

"We take our approach to design very seriously. We're meticulous about attention to detail. Fastidious about quality. It's a combination that gets us bouncing out of bed every morning. And it's why our customers love our artisanal collection. Because they also believe that beautiful homeware and gifts should make people happy, and happiness is infectious. I mean, what else is there in life, if not to spread a little happiness?"