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We have carefully curated a range which works perfectly when pairing different finishes together to create a unique table setting, there are many playful combinations within the range making it adaptable and fun. Whether choosing the classic single square coaster or our double coaster, designed to hold two glasses side by side, we offer unique solutions for elegant table settings. There is a choice between either square placemats or our larger serving mat/ grand placemat which can be used both as a centrepiece or as individual placemats.

The Matbox® is a trademarked unique product housed in a choice of handmade silver or gold leaf lacquered boxes, made by local artisans or alternatively for a more contemporary approach with crystal clear boxes made from precision-cut acrylic. The exquisite set consists of two serving mats, eight placemats and eight double coasters to accommodate wine and water glasses at the same time. The Matbox® is the ultimate finishing detail for your table setting and a stunning elegant decoration for your home.

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Make your dining table look spectacular with our collection of gold and silver Placemats By POSH trading company.
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