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POSH Desk Accessories

We offer a range of luxury desk accessories, from desk pads and letter holders to paper trays and pen pots, that are sure to elevate the look and feel of your workspace. Our collection is designed to provide both form and function, ensuring that you have the tools you need to work efficiently while also adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your office.

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Product type
Chelsea Desk Pad Croc Noirlifestyle
Chelsea Desk Pad Croc Noir Sale price$305.00
Chelsea Waste Basket Croc NoirChelsea Waste Basket Croc Noir
Chelsea Paper Tray Croc NoirChelsea Paper Tray Croc Noir
Chelsea Pen Tray Croc NoirChelsea Pen Tray Croc Noir
Chelsea Pen Tray Croc Noir Sale price$120.00
Chelsea Pen Holder Croc Noirlifestyles
Chelsea Picture Frame Croc NoirChelsea Picture Frame Croc Noir
Chelsea Letter Holder Croc Noirlifestyle
Chelsea Business Card Holder Croc NoirChelsea Business Card Holder Croc Noir
Chelsea Pen Holder Vintage CrocChelsea Pen Holder Vintage Croc
Chelsea Paper Tray Vintage CrocChelsea Paper Tray Vintage Croc
Chelsea Pen Tray Vintage CrocChelsea Pen Tray Vintage Croc
Chelsea Picture Frame Vintage Croclifestyle
Chelsea Waste Bin Vintage CrocChelsea Waste Bin Vintage Croc
Chelsea Desk Pad Vintage Croclifestyle
Chelsea Letter holder Vintage Croclifestyle
Chelsea Business Card Holder Vintage CrocChelsea Business Card Holder Vintage Croc