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Founded in 2015 by award-winning interior designer Sarah Ward, Posh Trading Company has become a staple in luxury homeware, offering a stunning collection of home accessories, furniture and gifts. With its unique blend of style and sophistication, Posh Trading Company has become a leader in the industry, providing customers with an exquisite selection of high-end products that are sure to make any home look its best. From modern and contemporary designs to classic pieces with a timeless appeal, Posh Trading Company has something for everyone. With commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, it's no surprise that Posh Trading Company is one of the top destinations for luxury homeware.

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Luxury Classic Items

We pride ourselves on creating the ultimate luxury home accessories, furniture, and gifts.

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POSH Trading Company is a British tableware brand established in 2015. Founded by award- winning interior designer Sarah Ward.

Designs for your space

POSH Trading Company, we're devoted to creating products that are bursting with personality, elegance, and style. Bringing a touch of luxury to any space.

Our stunning collection of luxury dining table mats come in a range of finishes, materials and colours. Our gold leaf place mats look spectacular against a dark wood tabletop finish such as Oak, Teak or Mahoganny. Additionally, look out for our black place mats to compliment a lighter tabletop finish such as birch, ash or mango. These are not designer placemats. These are are designed by POSH Trading Company.

Stock will be displayed on the product page. Available in rectangular and square shape.

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Stylish placemats

Tableware that elevates

Accessorise your dining table to include the perfect finishing touches with our collection of luxury trays, gold placemats and coasters, silver placemats and coasters, black placemats, matboxes, coastboxes and more to elevate your dining experience.

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POSH Trading company offers luxury homeware to elevate your living experience. Our tableware in particular has a range of stylish placemats, unusual placemats, luxury faux leather placemats and heat resistant placemats UK. These are the perfect addition to any dinner table and capable of dealing with hot plates.