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Servebox Clear Shagreen Natural

Servebox Clear Shagreen Natural

£470.00 GBP

The Acrylic Servebox in Shagreen Natural is a unique collection of placemats for a table setting of six designed by award-winning interior designer Sarah Ward.

Our faux Shagreen natural is inspired by soft natural hues. Through meticulous burnishing and polishing, the natural patina of the material is brought to life.  It has an intricate pebble-like pattern resulting in the iconic and instantly-recognisable texture of the splendid Stingray.

The placemats are housed in a sturdy clear display box, made of the highest grade of acrylic, the whole unit itself making a statement design piece.

Contents: Acrylic Box, 6 Grand Placemats

Dimensions: Grand Placemat: 422mm x 309mm 

Material: Acrylic, Resin, Wood, Paint