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The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of THE POSH TRADING COMPANY LTD (POSH), a group offering the brands of Matbox  ,Coastbox and associated products .

These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions of sale. They are fully applicable notwithstanding any

contradictory clauses that may be included in any of the Client’s documents. Every order shall be deemed to imply full and

unreserved acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the stipulations reproduced in the applicable price list.. The orders must be placed by communicating a firm purchase order by email ,fax or post. POSH after acceptance of the order , no modification or cancellation will be permitted.


Price list. The applicable price list shall be the price list in force as of the order date.


Time for delivery. The delivery time stipulated is indicative only, In the event of late delivery, the

Client may not cancel the contract without first informing  POSH   by email ,fax or registered letter, to be agreed by POSH

It is the responsibility of the Client to indicate the exact delivery address and a telephone number and a contact name.


Settlement. In the event of failure to pay all or part of the invoice on the due date without good cause despite receipt of formal

notice to make such payment, the balance due shall be increased by interest at 2% per month.


Retention of Title POSH reserves the right to retain title to the merchandise until such time as it has been paid for in full.


Payment . In the absence of special terms and conditions expressly agreed to in writing , invoices shall be payable 30 days net after receipt of  invoice.


After-Sales Service. , any complaint must be made within 30 days from the  receipt of the package ,by email, Fax or  registered letter ,such complaints must specify the order numberand/or customer reference, and the precise reason for the complaint, and must contain a photograph .

Posh assumes no liability for improper use of the product or improper conditions of storage or failure to follow the instructions on the product care leaflet.


Return of merchandise. All returns are subject to express authorisation by Posh  and it is expressly stipulated that

Posh shall refuse any returns of merchandise that are not authorised. It is the Customers  responsibility to return the merchandise in

good condition, accompanied by a complaint report  and, whenever possible, in its original packaging, within 30 days from

receipt of authorisation.


Intellectual property. The products supplied by Posh may be subject to intellectual property rights belonging to Posh

or to associated companies or third parties. The Customer  agrees to uphold such rights. The Customer will ensure that all advertising and promotional materials, including website content, are consistent with the image of Posh. The Customer will not offer any POSH product on a discount basis without express  agreement from POSH.


Warranty. The liability of posh shall be limited to the purchase price of the products in question. Under no circumstances

shall Posh be liable for any indirect, incidental, direct or subsequent damages, including without limitation any foregone

profit or other economic charges.


Jurisdiction. This agreement shall be governed by English  law.