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Ranchu Table Bowls

Ranchu Table Bowls

£149.00 GBP


Bronze and gold leaf table bowl with dark bronze and gold leaf finish.

Available in seven sizes

Dimensions 1 : W14xD5.5x H3 cm 

Dimensions 2 : W 14.5x D5.5x H3 cm 

Dimensions 3: W17x D7.5x H 3 cm 

Dimensions 4: W20x D6.5x H3 cm 

Dimensions 5: W25x D6.5x H 3 cm 

Dimensions 6: W 25.5x D6.5x H3 cm 

Dimensions 7: W32x D8x H 3 cm 

Material: bronze, gold leaf 

Coming soon, pre-orders taken now.