Coastbox Clear Silver Leaf Chic Matte Silver

Coastbox Clear Silver Leaf Chic Matte Silver

£140.00 GBP

The Coastbox Clear with Silver Leaf Chic Matte Silver Coasters are made from genuine silver leaf, our artisans apply each leaf by hand with eleven layers of special clear matte lacquer applied subsequently these are then hand polished between every layer to a chic matte end-finish.  Available in six colours; Blue, Taupe, Red, Silver, Gold, and Champagne. The coasters are housed in a sturdy clear display box, made of the highest grade of acrylic, the whole unit itself making a statement design piece.


Contents: Acrylic Box, 8 Coasters

Dimensions: Coastbox 125mm x 125mm, Coasters - 100mm x 100mm

Material: Acrylic, Wood, Lacquer, Silver Leaf