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Coastbox Silver Leaf Stormy Sky

Coastbox Silver Leaf Stormy Sky

£149.00 GBP

The Silver Leaf Coastbox in Stormy Sky, a stunning shade of dark grey with contrasting hues, comprises eight handcrafted single coasters made from genuine Silver Leaf.  The Leaf is applied to a base board; a layer of tinted lacquer is applied subsequently, followed by a further ten layers of clear lacquer, hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end-finish. 

The coasters are housed in their own exquisite matching Silver Leaf box, itself a statement piece for any coffee table.  The whole set comprises over 75 pieces of individual Leaf.

Contents: Silver Leaf Box, 8 Coasters

Dimensions: Coastbox 125mm x 125mm, Coasters - 100mm x 100mm

Material: Wood, Silver Leaf, Lacquer