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Article: Posh Interiors for Christmas

Posh Interiors for Christmas

Posh Interiors for Christmas

Posh Interiors For Christmas

It’s never too early to think about Christmas, in fact, there are people who never take their Christmas decorations down and planning the annual big dinner, takes a whole year of planning! Whilst we aren’t saying you should spend the next 300 days surrounded in Christmas decorations,  we are going to give you an insight into some beautiful, handcrafted products that would be a perfect fit for your table arrangement if you’re looking for a Posh interior this Christmas. As well as some festive table arrangement advice.


Think Festive Colours

When choosing your festive colours, well that’s just it, think about the colours and what suits your home. If your home is a countryside situated house surrounded by high wooden beams, why not select red and green tones to compliment the wood? Or you have a more modern aesthetic, how about the classy and stylish combinations of gold and white? The most traditional colours are, green, red, gold and silver but of course, you’re more than welcome to add your own twist! Here at Posh Trading Company, we advocate personality and the design perfect for you, so if you think you could make ‘Blush’ festive, go for it!


The table is the heart of Christmas


When you think of Christmas, everyone imagines all their family and friends sat around the table enjoying the delicious slow cooked turkey and fun pigs in blankets so why not make it even more special with a beautiful table arrangement.

If you’re reading this article with this in mind, and want something practical, stylish and a real talking point for friends, family and other guests then you’ve landed in the right place. Our products are handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans and made from genuine Silver Leaf. The Leaf is applied to a base; a layer of tinted lacquer is applied subsequently, followed by a further ten layers of clear lacquer, hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end-finish. Perfect accessories to making your Christmas table really stand out.

Style our sparkling silver placements with their matching silver coasters to create a cohesive table arrangement or if you fancy a fun but classy twist, mix and match the colours to create an overall ‘Christmassy’ effect. We would recommend our ‘Stormy Sky’ placements, that have a sophisticated green tint with our vibrant red coasters. Made from wood, Genuine Silver Leaf and Lacquer you can be rest assured your tableware with still look amazing year after year. Perfect for lovers of posh interiors. To shop our different colours, visit:

If you already have table decorations and simply want to refresh your table, how about our Matbox Silver Leaf in Taupe? In the box you’ll find; individual placemats, serving mats and double coasters (perfectly suited for wine and water glasses together and a guest talking point themselves!). With it all together in one stylish box, Christmas table designing has never been easier.

These items are not just for the table at Christmas (or other times of the year). Place the double coasters in and around the house, allowing you guests and family to sit by the fire Christmas evening drinking a glass of red or traditional eggnog- a perfect way to finish off a memorable Christmas day.


The perfect Posh Interior Christmas gifts

Share the stylish love and give your family and friends one of our coaster or placement mat sets as a Christmas present. Your gifts will be adored and will last for many years to come. They may even earn you a Christmas day off next year with the giftees wanting to show off their fabulous new sets! The perfect stocking fillers for Christmas, which add a touch of poise, elegance and class.


Why Posh Trading Company?

At Posh Trading Company, we have 30 years of interior design experience, offering the best quality pieces to our customers. Our products display style, class and personality and must haves into designing and creating your own beautiful luxurious tableware arrangement. For a full list of products, visit:

or contact via where one of our team would be more than happy to assist you.

We hope you have a fun time designing your new posh interiors for Christmas. Get creative with your arrangements. Most importantly, have a lovely Christmas, wherever you may be and raise a glass of wine to the end of another year (be sure to use your new fabulous coasters!). 

If you’re looking for more Posh Interior advice for Christmas and table inspiration, read our guide here:

You’ll get all our top tips for creating an amazing Christmas table! From table wreaths, to table trees, your table will make everyone go ‘wow’! You could even try some of tips around other areas of the house.


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