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Article: Luxury Coasters & Placemats Kensington

Luxury Coasters & Placemats Kensington
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Luxury Coasters & Placemats Kensington

Luxury Coasters and Placemats Kensington

What takes quality interior design to the next level is in the finer details. These finer details show that you really do have an eye for class and luxury. One way this can be achieved is through the perfect table arrangement. The POSH Trading Company is located in Fulham, close to Kensington. A British luxury brand, you can inspire your home with exquisite, unique tableware pieces, designed and curated by award winning designer Sarah Ward. 

The table is one of the first places you'll welcome guests and can be one of the main focuses of our home design, reflecting our style and personality. The fabulous characteristic of the table and its arrangement is its ability to change and adapt to different situations and guests. Luxurious of placemats and coasters, which can be interchanged depending on the event or dinner party which you’re hosting can provide a modern, urban, casual or other look and feel, reflecting the occasion.


Why should you adopt luxury coasters and placemats?

Whether you’re hosting your colleagues, your in-laws or your friends each of these scenarios has a different etiquette which should be established independently. Luxury coasters and placemats leave an everlasting impression on our guests and connote the type of people we are and the home we live in.

The main challenge of luxury coasters is in the selection. Knowing which coasters and placemats are appropriate for your dinner party or event can be the difference between impressing or disappointing your guests. It is believed that people taste first with the mouth, so ensuring that your table arrangement is as beautiful as possible, is half the battle. Coasters and placemats come in an array of different materials and styles.  To view the products which we have available, visit

Aside from this luxury placemats and coasters have a number of practical advantages beyond their beautiful aesthetic. They provide valuable protection to your table, creating greater longevity of its use.  They protect the table from staining, discolouration and scratches.


The story of your tableware - POSH Trading Company? 

We at POSH Trading Company prioritise luxury and quality above all else. Born from 30 years of heritage in interior design, our ethos is to make people happy through the most beautiful of pieces which can make the largest of impacts to the luxury of your home, with one of the most subtle of differences.

Our products are perfect as a gift for weddings, or for the couple which has anything. Handmade by Vietnamese artisans in Vietnam, the individual layers bring a subtle touch of class to any Kensington home. 

Take a look at our range of tableware for your home here:

If you would like some assistance in deciding which of our products be best for your occasion or table arrangement, then contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

How to select the perfect luxury coasters and placemats for your occasion

A Formal Meal

Formal meals can be stressful and nerve-wracking occasions, they may be the subject of serious and important matters.  As such, it is important that your Kensington home connote your serious nature and is well put together. If terms of your table arrangement, plain colours should be your priority, keeping patterns and designs to a minimal. We would also suggest adding extra attention to detail by selecting your placemats and coasters based on the current climate and time of year. In the winter months, opt for darker colours such as deep browns and reds. In the summer months, select brighter colours such as blues and oranges. This general rule of thumb is also effective as it generally complements the style of cuisine which is served alongside it.


An informal Meal 

Informal meals do not have the same levels of etiquette and procedure required which you’d expect in a more formal occasion. Consider informal meals the opportunity display your personality by implementing coasters and placemats which feature designs and patterns, as well as brighter and more outrageous colour combinations.

Regardless of your occasion or guests, POSH Trading Company provides the finest quality of coasters and placemats available in Kensington. If you would like some assistance in selecting the perfect products for your occasion, then contact us at and we will be delighted to assist you.

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