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Article: How Do I make my Dining Room Classy?

How Do I make my Dining Room Classy?

How Do I make my Dining Room Classy?

Many people want to create a dining room that looks and feels elegant and refined. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this blog post, we'll briefly discuss some of the best ways to make your dining room more classy.

We'll cover everything from choosing the right furniture to adding some finishing touches. So if you're ready to take your dining room to the next level, read on.

The Different Elements that make an Elegant Dining Room:


There are a few different elements that go into making a dining room look and feel classy.

The most visible and often largest element is the furniture. You should choose furniture that is both stylish and functional, working sympathetically with the interior space you have and acknowledging the heritage and architectural style of the building.

Pay attention to things like scale and proportion when purchasing furniture for your dining room and opt for high-quality pieces that are both comfortable and sophisticated.

POSH Trading Company partners with MUSE design on its furniture production to offer a high quality range of decorative accessories, lighting and accent furniture that capture and balance the beauty of both Asian and European design aesthetics through the use of natural materials, forms and textures.

Choose bold, but elegant statement pieces like our Ruby Console Table made with red lacquer and antique gold bronze or one of our stunning chairs such as our Bruda Chair in polished gold bronze with a marine silk seat and create a dining room with a unique personality and inimitable style.



Another key element, and one that can dramatically or subtly alter the mood of any occasion is the use of lighting.

Dimmable lighting can be a great way to create a warm and inviting ambiance, and gives you full flexibility to set the tone of a dinner party or informal gathering. Transform a larger room from a space for entertaining, into the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Add a few carefully placed candle stands to your dining room, and allow the soft flicker of candlelight to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere - one that cannot be replicated with artificial lighting.

POSH Trading Company has a selection of superb quality candle stands in small, medium and large sizes, with a variety of luxurious finishes.

Whether you prefer our 'Elm candle Stick', with highlighted antique bronze finish or our Daisy candle stand with antique gold finish or for a more dramatic touch our Orchid candle Stick with dark bronze finish, each will add refinement to a corner, or table top.

Decor and accessories:

We all know that it is the finishing touches that truly elevate or enhance a space.

Choose classic decor for a dining room that is both elegant and understated and when it comes to the details, remember, less is often more but don't be afraid to be playful in your design.

You can combine contemporary lines and shapes with traditional materials, or add a touch of luxury with just a few gold, silver or bronze accessories. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the POSH range of furniture and accessories.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is inspired by a love for Art Deco; reflected in the simplicity of forms and luxuriousness of the materials our artisans work with: encompassing Shagreen, Parchment, Bronze, Natural Lacquer, Onyx and Gold or Silver Leaf; providing a stunning finish to your home. We create products that add personality, elegance and style to your home.

Why an Elegant Dining Room can be the Centrepiece to Your Home

It's important to make a good impression with your dining room because it is often one of the first places that guests will see, and perhaps the room they will spend most time in, when they visit you.

Of course you want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable, but you also want to give them a memorable evening out, and make their experience special.

An elegant and inviting dining room not only relaxes your guests, it lets them know that they are in safe hands, that they can sit back and enjoy an exceptional meal in their favourite company.

A classy dining room can be a great conversation starter and talking point, but it will also encourage your guests to linger and to visit again.

Choose chairs you can sink into with ease, decor that reflects your style aesthetic and personality, lighting that sets the tone, accessories that prompt discussion and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable dinner party.

Remember that your dining room is also there for you to enjoy, so ensure you choose pieces that you love and a style that reflects your own personality and taste.

Sarah Ward of POSH trading company

In Conclusion:

At POSH, we believe that elegant, classy dining rooms can be the centrepiece to any home and our selection of unique and elegant furniture, lighting and accessories can help you create a space that will make your guests want to linger, long after the meal is over.

As a family run business, we recognise the importance of designing products that can truly enhance your home for you and your loved ones. It's why our customers love our artisanal collection and we hope you will too.

Take a browse through our shop and explore our full furniture and accessories range.We have accessories for your desk and bathroom as well as for your dining room.

Discover our core tableware range including stunning sets of placemats and coasters for elegant table settings. Choose from matboxes and coastboxes in a choice of silver or gold leaf lacquered boxes or clear crystal acrylic for a more contemporary finish.

Or, get in touch to find out more about our stunning range or ask a specific question about any POSH product.

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