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Coastbox Clear Vintage Brass

Coastbox Clear Vintage Brass

£91.00 GBP £130.00 GBP

The Coastbox Clear with Vintage Brass Coasters is a highly contemporary finish, the mats being handcrafted and handpainted in muted dark metallic shades of bronze and gold.  Inspired by industrialism and the on-trend East London converted warehouse look, every mat in our urban range is hand coated with no two mats looking identical adding to its artisanal appeal.

The coasters are housed in a sturdy clear display box, made of the highest grade of acrylic, the whole unit itself making a statement design piece.


Contents: Acrylic Box, 8 Coasters

Dimensions: Coastbox 125mm x 125mm, Coasters - 100mm x 100mm

Material: Acrylic, Wood