Top 5 Interior Trends For Spring 2018

It may feel like we are stuck in the depths of Winter but Spring is certainly on it’s way and there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to sprucing up your interiors. Spring is the perfect time to change your scheme and rejuvenate the feel of your home, even if it is simply one change, it can make all the difference! The team has put together a list of the top 5 spring interior trends 2018:


  1. Embellishments

Interior accessories such as cushion, throws, wall hangings and rugs can transform a room and be the ultimate finishing touch, this season they’re set to stand out even more as fringing, tassels, feathers and macrame become a staple theme. This trend will give a beautifully handmade, authentic quality to your home and add a whole new level of depth. We can’t wait to see lots of beautifully tasseled throws on beds and elegant woven wallhangings!

2) Ice Cream Colours

Spring is going to be bright and beautiful as we expect to see gelato colours flooding through interiors. This trend is great as mixing and matching ice cream shades can create the perfect palette to suit your tastes and accessories. Invest in some key pieces now to get ahead of the crowd; the idea of a bright statement wall colour with contrasting dining chairs will certainly catch the eye and potentially guests Instagram feeds. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, pastel hued vases or tableware would make beautiful additions to existing schemes.

3) Foliage

Spring is the time we see nature come back to life, and this will also be the case inside the home as foliage, as part of a “biophilic” design becomes an increasingly popular theme. With increasing news of the health benefits, houseplants are fast becoming extremely popular in our homes, and equally add character to existing spaces. Hanging plants from beams, large potted beauties for bare corners or small cacti for coffee tables will all contribute to a stunning, natural space. This trend also links to the season’s colour of choice: green, in all it’s shades.

4) Gold

Gold brings a touch of both elegance and decadence to any room and this year we shall being seeing it everywhere. Last year the metallic trend started to filter through into paints and metal finishes, and this Spring we’ll be seeing gold detailing like door knobs, handles, mirrors and picture frames. With velvet also making a strong comeback we love the idea of a classy gold velvet sofa - the ultimate eye catching statement piece!

5) Geometrics

This Spring geometrics are making a bold come back. We saw this theme re-emerging in 2017, but mainly featuring on accessories such cushions and rugs. This season we’re looking forward to seeing it take center stage on walls and flooring! You can use tiling to create a unique and interesting bathroom flooring designs or add a distinctive geometric art piece to a living or dining room.



Whether you are loving or hating the cold weather planning ahead for brighter, warmer days and beautiful Spring interiors will keep you going. These predicted trends are set to do wonders to any and every interior and we can’t wait to try them out. Let us know which is your favourite trend and what you’re looking to change with your Spring interiors!