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Article: Top 5 essentials when planning a cocktail party

Top 5 essentials when planning a cocktail party
cocktail party

Top 5 essentials when planning a cocktail party

Planning a cocktail party? Here are some essentials:


Today marks the start of one of our favourite seven day periods in the yearly calendar as we welcome London Cocktail Week for the eighth year running. A celebration of all things spirits, liquor and the art of mixology, Londoner’s can indulge in some of the finest cocktail blends the city has to offer at the official London Cocktail Week hub in Old Spitafields Market. Exhibiting a range of cocktail stands, food popups and drinking activities, it is a must-visit at some point throughout the week.


However, some of you may be too busy with work or other commitments to get a chance to celebrate the week. Here at Posh Trading Company, we have put together the perfect plan with a list of event essentials for you to host your own cocktail party this week or to schedule for as the festive months approach.


  1. The cocktails: choose a selection of classics
  2. Furnishings and glasses: Classy cocktail parties need pretty furnishings
  3. Canapés: Every cocktail party needs some light bites
  4. Music: Tunes to keep the party mood flowing
  5. Games: A great icebreaker
1. The cocktails: Choose a selection of classics.
The main event: the cocktails. For any successful cocktail party you need to make sure you choose a selection of cocktails and spirits that are accessible and often easy to make - if you plan on doing any cocktail making games. Classics like the Pornstar Martini, Mojito and Sex on the Beach are all relatively easy to make and go down a treat. If you have time, try to make a small menu for guests that they can choose from and choose which cocktails you can put in pitchers for guests to pour at their disposable throughout the evening. If you aren’t sure what cocktails your guests will like, its often a good idea to buy a range of renowned and flexible spirits - Vodka, Rum and Gin are all in a range of well-loved cocktail blends.
2. Furnishings and glasses: Classy cocktail parties need pretty furnishings.


Every cocktail party needs to have its own feel. Decorating your house/event space with unique furnishings different to the usual layout often leaves a memorable effect for all of your guests.  Try and have a table that doesn’t occupy the main guest social space but provides a tidy stand for people to place their drinks on or to present your canapés alongside neatly organised cocktail placements. The Posh Trading Coastbox is a neat addition to any living or dining room, with a range of colours to match a multitude of room interiors. Ribbons can also be a nice decoration to give your cocktail event that party feel.
3. Canapés: Every cocktail party needs some light bites.


Compliment the cocktails with some tasty canapés. Don’t let guests get hungry throughout the evening and serve a small range of canapés to keep the hunger at bay and the cocktails flowing. A mini cheeseboard and meat skewers are usually a winner for guests as they converse and enjoy the party. The Posh Trading Company Matbox serving mats can double up as a serving tool for canapés and small plates.


4. Music: key to keep the party popping.


Don’t fret. A DJ isn’t required. However, selecting a list of tracks to be added to a “Cocktail Playlist” will be needed. You will know what genre your guests like, but tailor your playlist throughout the evening from lively in the peak of the party to more relaxed and soulful as the evening winds down. Try and control the volume levels, as you want people to be able to hear the sound of their own voice rather than have to shout over the speakers. Apps such as Spotify sometimes have pre-made playlists for these type of events.


5. Games: Fun for everyone and a great icebreaker.


Cocktail games are not to be missed. The best cocktail parties often incorporate a number of cocktail based games throughout the evening that help build the atmosphere and help people who haven’t met before get to know each other better. Blind folded cocktail pouring and no hands drinking are a just a couple of well known classics that your guests will be sure to enjoy and never fail to get the laughs flowing.

We hope our tips can help you in planning your next cocktail party event, whether that this week for London Cocktail Week or later in the year for a birthday celebration or an idea for a christmas party. Get pouring!

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