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Article: POSH Coasters - The guide to finding the perfect coaster set

POSH Coasters - The guide to finding the perfect coaster set

POSH Coasters - The guide to finding the perfect coaster set

 Coasters do wonders to protect your household furniture. They are essential for making sure your surfaces are well protected from the classic ‘drink ring’. Having the right drinks coasters can give your home interior a sense of style, class and sophistication, being statement design pieces on any table. Luxury as well as practical.

Take a look at our quick tip guide into finding the best posh drinks coasters for your tableware. Colour, style and occasion all play a part, let us know which are your favourite!


luxury drinks coasters


Different occasions  

Coasters are perfect for a range of different occasions, large or small, intimate or public.

For a more intimate setting, you may use coasters to be placed around the table to complement the existing tableware and act as a surface protector. Coasters are an ideal way to add a ‘splash’ of colour and style to any table setting. They have the ability to take any style to the next level, whether be with a white classic tableware set up or with patterned pieces.

Single coasters fit well for everyday life, and fit onto most surfaces, while luxury double coasters provide both practicality at the dinner table, with a space for both water and wine, as well as being talking points and statement items to impress and share with guests.

Coasters display to your guests that you’ve taken consideration into the finest details, whilst keeping your theme consistent. You can match your coasters to any theme or event style, whether that be the more classic coloured coasters or a colour that is more eye-catching, like gold.


Stunning yet functional - What makes POSH Trading Company Drinks Coasters special? 

At POSH Trading Company we provide drinks coasters for people wanting high quality coasters suitable for any occasion. Our stunning yet functional coasters come in a wide variety of beautiful colours that will suit any dining or theme set up you may require.  


modern drinks coasters


Handcrafted Drinks Coasters, made by Artisans

Our coasters are handcrafted by artisans and are made from genuine Silver or Gold Leaf.  The Leaf is applied to a base; a layer of tinted lacquer is applied subsequently, followed by a further ten layers of clear lacquer, hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end-finish.

Heritage and story 

All our drinks coasters are made in Vietnam. Handmade by artisanal Vietnamese craftsmen using the ancient art of lacquering which has been developed over centuries and has led to Vietnam being recognised as world leaders in this field.


posh drinks coasters 


POSH Drinks Coasters - The perfect talking point or gift

Perfect for the party host or as a corporate gift. Take someone’s tableware up a notch with some an exquisite Coast Box.  They'll love it out during meal times when hosting, and your gift will be sure to earn you an invite over the future!

Coast Boxes and Drinks Coasters you’ll love

Coastbox Silver Leaf

posh drinks coasters


Stunning yet functional, our Coastboxes display old world masterwork with the combination of modern British design. Much like our single coasters, they come in a range of stunning colours to suit any occasion or table you may have.

With the beautiful handcrafted box, you can be rest assured that this investment is worth your while. The coasters are housed in their own matching Silver Leaf box, itself a statement piece for any coffee table.  The whole set comprises over 75 pieces of individual Leaf. 

Colours include: Taupe, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, Stormy Sky and a striking Silver, which work compliment any arrangement and theme beautifully, giving a timeless and classic feel.


Be unique with Urban Iron Coasters

luxury modern drinks coasters

If you're looking for beautiful modern coasters which still have the feel and look or luxury then take a look at our Urban Iron coasters. Coming with a highly contemporary finish, the Coasters are handcrafted, then handpainted in a muted dark grey metallic shade. Inspired by industrialism and the on-trend East London converted warehouse look, every mat in our urban range is hand coated with no two mats looking identical adding to its artisanal appeal.


Our Individual Silver Leaf Coaster pick: Stormy Sky


handmade drinks coasters

This beautiful ‘Stormy Sky’ is the perfect blend of green and grey and would suit a wooden or granite arrangement.

This coaster style also comes in a regal gold, a vintage brass, urban iron. Looking to add a touch of class or femininity?  Try the pretty blush which fits perfectly into any copper, grey or rose gold arrangement- 

This style of coaster is perfect for smaller establishments such as upscale restaurants and bars, guarantying you’ll convey an expensive and professional look


See more from the POSH Trading Company


At POSH Trading Company, we have 30 years of interior design experience, offering the best quality pieces to our customers. Our products display style, class and personality and must haves into designing and creating your own beautiful luxurious tableware arrangement. For a full list of products, visit or contact us via where one of our team would be more than happy to assist you.



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