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Article: Luxury Tableware For 2023

Luxury Tableware For 2023

Luxury Tableware For 2023

Our Top Tips For Luxury Tableware in 2023

Time for an Upgrade?

Are your dinnerware sets looking a little tired or out of date? Is your porcelain beginning to look jaded and are you longing for a refresh?

With many people around the globe working from home, dining in is more popular than ever before. By why settle for standard?

For a space you will likely spend a significant proportion of your time in, why not aim to make it special?

Add some new magic to an old slate you would be surprised how quickly your dining experience can go from feeling like a chore, to a pleasure.

Re-invigorate Your Home with the POSH collection:

In this article, we offer you a few ideas of how to add to, and re-invigorate, your dining room and we also add useful links to a few of our favourites from the POSH collection.

Luxury tablewear and black cutlery

Options For Every Taste and Style:

Matboxes in silver and gold add a touch of class and are ideal for discerning customers who want to add to and elevate their dining experiences.

Start Exploring our stunning range:

Our unique collection of tableware has options to suit every taste and style. Start exploring our stunning range today and treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury homeware.


POSH trading company placemats

A Unique Collection To Enhance Your Home

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated meal with friends & family, or a work meal to impress, consider using classic, clean and well-designed placemats to compliment your dinnerware.

The ambience and mood which you are hoping to reflect should help you decorate accordingly including your choice of glass, colour selection and even which sets of plates to use.


Choose Your Colour Theme:

Use a colour theme when dressing the table. As best practice, we recommend that your napkins, crockery and centre pieces compliment the placemat shade selection.

The shade and colour of the placemat should reflect the time of year; in summer it is best to use brighter colours such as orange, light blue and white, whereas add richer colours such as browns and dark reds as you head into the colder months to add new warmth to the atmosphere.

Get Creative:

For a more informal meal, usually involving 'nibbles' or more relaxed settings, you can be more creative.

Colourful and bold patterned linens can be used, rather than playing it safe with plain white linen, to create a sense of fun and character.

Luxury Homeware is Trending

Thanks to our increasingly busy lives and the new rise of remote working, many people are spending more time at home than ever before.

With that in mind, if you're going to spend more time at home, maybe it's time to upgrade the porcelain, plates and other dinnerware. We don't believe you should ever have to compromise on quality.

Black napkins with blue tinge plates

Eat in, in Style:

Designer homeware is experiencing a renaissance as people swap eating out, for dinners in.

Tableware can be a great way to add style and imagination to your home environment without needing a total renovation.


Luxury dinnerware on Instagram

The Influence of Instagram

In today's social media-driven world, designer homeware and tableware are more popular than ever for another reason.

With people continually looking for new ways to add style to their Instagram, many are innovating with carefully curated dinner displays, bold dinnerware design choices, and luxury home decor as an easy and subtle way to craft the ideal aesthetic and add personal flair.

Make a Statement:

Make a statement with Posh Trading Company sets of placemats and coasters, or add a bowl with gold inlay that will become the talking point of your photograph.

Glass, plates and cup dining sets

A Luxurious Tableware Experience with POSH Trading Company.

POSH Trading Company offers a large collection of unique, handcrafted placemats and coasters in a range of finishes designed to add sophistication and elegance to your home.

Putting our Customers First:

Our customers are incredibly important to us, and we hope to craft bespoke, beautifully finished pieces that will have a special place in their homes and hearts.


A Touch of Luxury:

With beautiful Silver or Gold Leaf or Faux Skin finishes, our tableware offers a luxurious addition to any dining table. Posh Trading Company has beautiful statement pieces that will add personality, elegance and style.

Even the simplest of interiors are given the luxurious treatment with Posh Trading Company. 

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