Luxury Silver Placemats

Luxury Silver Placemats

Dinner with your parents, a wedding, a business meeting, meeting up with old friends. Different events, each their own expectations and conformities. In the same way in which we may alter the way we dress, the way we decorate a dinner table must also be considered if we are to give the right impression, and ensure our event is a roaring success. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, there are some considerations which should be adhered to when purchasing the perfect placemats. Our luxury silver placemats are a fantastic all-rounder, but how can you choose which placemats are best for you?

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Why Placemats? 

Placemats have become a normal part of our everyday lives and are often not given a second thought. However, placemats can be a valuable addition to any home. They offer the protection your table needs from scratches, discolouration and staining, as well as being the decretive centrepiece of any dining set up. Produced from several types of material, with an unlimited number of styles and designs to choose from, the options appear endless. For example, our luxury silver placemats are comprised of 600 pieces of individual genuine Silver Leaf, providing the most luxurious of finishes. Placemats will give one of the first and longest-lasting impressions and therefore should never be overlooked. Your placemats are a reflection of yourself and your home/event and should be selected with this notion in mind, ensuring both quality of material and design fit your every need.


Benefits of placemats:

  • Lay and clear the table with ease
  • Adapt your set up to the number of diners
  • Bring new personality, regardless of table You can use the same placemats whether you‚Äôre eating from the finest of dining tables or the most ‚Äėrustic‚Äô of coffee tables in the lounge
  • They offer more options in table decoration Table mats create atmosphere and can be used in different combinations to suit any occasion.

Why POSH Trading company placemats?

Born from a heritage of over 30 years in the interior design industry, Posh Trading Company is meticulous about attention to detail and fastidious about quality. We believe that beautiful gifts and homeware make people happy. Designed with luxury and personality in mind, we believe our products bring that delicious touch of class your table arrangement is crying out for.

We’d recommend our luxury silver placemats to get you started. But that’s not all, if you don’t feel as though these placemats are what you are looking for, we also offer a vast assortment of different colours and styles to suit any dinner table. These are sure to impress both friends and family alike and will ensure your dinner party or other event be a success.

Our luxury Matbox range of placemats have been designed by award winning interior designer, Sarah Ward. Available in a spectrum of different hues; such as gold, silver, rose gold, stormy sky and taupe, bespoke finishes are also available on request. The range comes as a single placemat or as an exquisite set of two serving mats, eight placemats and eight double coasters for your wine and water glass.

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If you would like some assistance in deciding which of our products be best for your occasion or table arrangement, then contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you. This is what we do!

How to choose the placemat for your occasion


Bring elegance to this year’s celebrations. With the vast array of placemats available, create that festive spirit by using the Christmas tree as your inspiration here. The traditional shades of greens, reds, silvers and golds. Our luxury silver placemats may be a good selection year-round, but we also have placemats in a number of hues to cater for any occasion. Consider the use of cotton napkins folded into the shape of a tree and make sure to include candles.

A Formal Meal

Whether organising a more sophisticated meal with friends & family, or a work meal to impress, consider using classic, clean and well designed placemats. The ambiance and mood which you are hoping to reflect should help you decorate accordingly. 

  • Plain colour placemats, rather than patterned ones, should be used depending on the formality of the occasion.
  • The shade of the placemat should reflect the time of year: in summer it is best to use brighter colours such as deep oranges and light blues, whereas darker colours such as browns and dark reds are most effective.
  • Use a colour theme when dressing the table. Ensure napkins, crockery and centre pieces compliment the placemat shade selection.

An Informal Meal

Usually involving 'nibbles' or more relaxed settings, this is a time when you can be more creative. Colourful and bold patterned placemats can be used to create a sense of fun and character which would not be achieved with a formal occasion.