Luxury Double Coasters

Luxury Double Coasters

Luxury double coasters can have an everlasting impression on our guests. As we adapt our own appearance to match a particular event, we also adapt, and match our table arrangement to the impression which we are trying to portray. Each event has its own different expectations, whether you’re hosting parents or in-laws, an important work dinner or celebratory meal with friends. Double coasters can give your table a subtle sense of luxury or style to impress your guests. This guide will enable you to select the perfect double coaster for whatever occasion and give a fantastic impression to your guests.


Why luxury double coasters?

Many people overlook the coaster as it becomes an everyday product of our home. However, coasters have a number of benefits to any table or event. Coasters help the longevity of any table, as a deterrent against staining, discolouration and scratches. They are often also the main decorative piece of the table and are viewed with every mouthful that our guests take. With coasters being made from a vast array of different materials and in a full spectrum of colours and designs, choosing coasters which connote luxury can be difficult. It’s important to consider the workmanship and detail which has gone into coasters. For reference our luxury silver coasters are comprised of 600 pieces of individual genuine Silver Leaf, providing the most luxurious of finishes, hand finished by Vietnamese artisans who have a reputation as having build up expertise through generations to produce the very finest quality. Subtle tones of luxury such as this allow you to express your own identity and demonstrate your personality. Keep this in mind when selecting the luxury double coasters you’ll be using at your event.

Other benefits of double coasters include: 

  • Offer more protection to your table as they cover a larger area
  • Can be adapted to the number of diners
  • More options to compliment the interior design of your home
  • Create more ways to decorate the same table


Why POSH Trading Company?

POSH Trading Company comes from a heritage of 30 years within the interior design industry and puts the quality of its products at the centre of everything which it does. We believe that having luxury products make our customers happy and as such have a particular eye for detail and quality. By creating beautiful products and gifts we are able to bring a touch of class to any table arrangement and have designed our offerings in an array of different colours and designs to ensure we have a perfect option for any occasion. 

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If you would like some assistance in deciding which of our products be best for your occasion or table arrangement, then contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you. This is what we do!

How to choose the perfect luxury double coaster for your occasion


Christmas is often the only time a year when all of a family comes together to catch up and enjoy the festivities. As such an occasion, this should be celebrated with a touch of class. There are a number of different Christmas-themed coasters available at this time of year, however we suggest that you keep it simple and stick with modest designs and plain colours. Patterns may be used but consider cleaner designs too. We’d also suggest incorporating the traditional colours of green, red and green in areas of your table arrangement. Compliment this with candles and consider napkins folded as Christmas trees.


A Formal Meal

Whether an important business dinner or a meal with friends and family, formal meals can vary with ambiance and theme. Your table arrangement, and your double coasters selection in particular, should reflect the mood which you hope to portray in the evening. Ensure you use simply designed coasters, to maintain the sense of luxury required. Also consider using seasonal colours such as browns and reds in the colder months and oranges and blues in warmer months.


An Informal Meal

Informal meals are a fantastic occasion to show off your creative side in a more relaxed setting. Feel free to use brighter colours, flamboyant urban patterns toand create a sense of fun to give your table a sense of personality which may not be appropriate in other settings.