Luxury Coasters

Luxury Coasters

Enjoying delicious food is far more than a biological need in western society, it is an experience for both the stomach and the eyes. This is why the layout of a table is an integral part of the interior design in your residence. Coasters are an outlet to express your own identity and style, and the right pairing of coaster and placemat can be the difference between a mundane table and an exciting one.

Not only that but coasters actually have a real purpose. They protect your table and represent your sense of style as an individual, couple or family. 

Luxury coasters can give you that subtle edge that you have been looking for, without looking like you’re trying to get it. Getting the basics right to produce that 'WOW' factor is all that's required, and is why we’ve created this guide to help you to decide which luxury coasters are the right ones for you, and how you can display them for different events and circumstances.


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Why trust advice from the team at POSH

POSH trading company is insistent on the finest forms of luxury in its coasters, committing to unrivalled attention to detail and quality. Created from a 30-year legacy in the interior design industry, our company ethos is to make our customers happy. Happy with their purchases, happy with the service they’ve received and happy with the personality which our products (quite literally) bring to the table. Our products can be the extra touch of class your table is crying out for or can provide the perfect wedding gift for that couple who has everything.

For example, our Coastbox Clear Urban Iron has an incredibly contemporary finish; the luxury coasters are hand-painted and handcrafted to represent its inspiration from industrialism and the on-trend East London converted warehouse look. The hand-made nature of these coasters ensure that no two coasters are the same and demonstrate the unique luxury of the company.

Our coasters are encased in a clear, acrylic display box which makes it the perfect statement piece in your home and demonstrate subtle luxury and style.

A full selection of our products can be viewed at

If you would like some assistance in deciding which of our products be best for your occasion or table arrangement, then contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

When and how should you use luxury coasters?

Coasters should be seen as a must for any table arrangement, primarily for their protection of the table itself. However, they tend not to be a one size fits all situation. Different forms of coasters being more appropriate for some events than others. We have outlined the different occasions and coasters which should be married together to ensure your event is a success and your luxury coasters are shown in their finest light:


Bring some class and elegance to this year’s festivities. Inspiration is easy to find at this time of year, with both winter and traditionally festive colours appropriate for your coaster selection. You may choose to pair colours such as deep greens and red with shapes such as that of the Christmas tree or snowflakes to create festive spirit, while maintaining a luxury feel. Consider also our silver coasters to bring a touch of diversity to your table arrangement, and perhaps the use of folded napkins in the shape of a tree or the inclusion of candles. 

A Formal Dinner

Formal meals can come in a number of different varieties, whether that be a special dinner with your friends and family or a work meal to impress. They can also be more complicated to plan for so make sure to put in some consideration as to the ambiance and mood which you’d like to create, before selecting the appropriate luxury coaster for this specific occasion.

  • If choosing to play it safe, then plain coloured coasters should be your priority here, while patterned coasters can be appropriate, it depends strongly on the level of pattern used.
  • Reflect the time of year; this is something that is often overlooked but it a simple and easy way to demonstrate your sense of style and staying on trend. In winter focus on darker shades of red and brown, while in summer lighter shades of yellows and blues can help to improve the mood of the dinner.

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The perfect Wedding Gift - Luxury Coasters in our Coastbox

For the stylish couple that has everything, The Silver Leaf Coastbox in Stormy Sky. Gift a stunning collection of eight handcrafted single coasters made from genuine Silver Leaf in a shade of dark grey with contrasting hues. The coasters are housed in their own exquisite matching Silver Leaf box, itself a statement piece for any coffee table. 

The whole set comprises over 75 pieces of individual Leaf.  The Leaf is applied to a base board; a layer of tinted lacquer is applied subsequently, followed by a further ten layers of clear lacquer, hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end-finish.

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