Luxury Christmas Gifts for Home

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Home

Choosing the right gift can be the most difficult part of Christmas, with so many people to buy for, different styles and tastes can make getting that perfect gift tougher. This can be especially apparent when purchasing gifts which are to be used in the home. Therefore we have curated some of our best tips to help you this festive season.


Why take advice from the POSH Trading Company for your Christmas gifts for the home?

Born from a heritage of 30 years in the interior design industry, Posh Trading Company has the highest standard of luxury and elegance. Our products are meticulously designed with luxury and sophistication in mind. We pride ourselves on bringing eye catching design and a point of difference to any table arrangement. Having a beautiful home makes people happy and we aim to be a stepping stone towards your perfect home, or a dear friend or family members. 

We have a selection of products designed to be the perfect gift for the couple which have everything. Our gorgeous Matbox collection contains 2 inner trays, 2 serving mats, 8 placemats and 8 double coasters and comprises of over 600 pieces of individual genuine Silver Leaf, which are applied to the base board.  A layer of tinted lacquer is then applied with a further ten layers of clear lacquer applied subsequently, hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end-finish. There is a real story behind each and every item produced by our Vietnamese artisans who are experts in their field.


Guidance on how to choose your gift for the home:

Identify the message you’re trying to portray

Before selecting what to buy your loved one, consider the relationship which you share with them. This can help you to consider how you feel about that person and the message which you’d like to send through your gift. 

Consider gifts which show the recipient your opinion of them. For example, if you’re buying for a friend who you consider to have a classic style choose something which reflects that. If the recipient is a co-worker, and you want to show them how much you appreciate the hard work and commitment which they have at work, keep in mind how they may use it, for example at dinner parties or social engagements they host.


Make a list of options

Importantly, when creating this list make sure to consider the person’s tastes and interests. For example, if your significant other has just purchased a table and loves the colour gold, consider the POSH Trading Company’s exquisite tablemats in gold leaf.


Avoid Common Gift-Giving Pitfalls

There are a number of common mistakes which people make when purchasing gifts which can have detrimental effects on the enjoyment the recipient receives as a result. One of the biggest mistakes is mediating away from a direct request which was made. If the person in question has given you a specific request as to what they would like for Christmas then ignoring this is a risk. If a request has been made, then you can safely assume that this is a something which will be used and would provide value to their life. Purchasing something else is likely to be met with disappointment.

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