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Grand Matbox Silver Leaf Silver

Grand Matbox Silver Leaf Silver

£540.00 GBP

The Grand Matbox™ in Silver is a unique collection of placemats and coasters for a table setting of six designed by award-winning interior designer Sarah Ward.

The complete set comprises over 550 pieces of individual genuine silver leaf, our artisans apply each leaf by hand with eleven layers of clear lacquer applied subsequently these are then hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end-finish.

The individual grand placemats and double coasters (perfectly suited for wine and water glasses side-by-side) are housed within the exquisite matching silver leaf box with a unique inner tray sophisticatedly designed to hold the coasters when not in use.  The Grand Matbox itself a statement piece for any dining-room.


Contents: Silver Leaf box, Inner Tray, 6 Grand Placemats, 6 Double Coasters

Dimensions: Grand Matbox:450mm x 336mm Grand Placemat: 422mm x 309mm  Double Coasters: 196mm x 99mm

Material: Silver Leaf, Wood, Silver Leaf, Lacquer