Matbox Clear Brushed Bronze

Matbox Clear Brushed Bronze | Posh Trading | London

£550.00 GBP

The Matbox™ in Brushed Bronze is a further contemporary finish, in contrast to our more traditional and classical ranges.  All the mats are handcrafted with a basecoat of rich dark brown applied to the whole surface of the mat, with individual stripes in a contrasting bronze then being applied by hand (hence the term “brushed” for the technique).

The individual placemats, serving mats and double coasters (perfectly suited for wine and water glasses side-by-side) are housed in their own inner trays within a clear box, made of the highest grade of acrylic, the whole unit itself making a statement design piece.


Contents: Acrylic Box, 2 Inner Trays, 2 Serving Mats, 8 Place Mats, 8 Double Coasters

Dimensions: Matbox: 450mm x 336mm Serving Mats: 422mm x 309mm Place Mats: 294mm x 294mm Double Coasters: 196mm x 99m

Material: Acrylic, Wood, Lacquer